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AMG Medical LTD is the easiest way to find qualified doctors and clinics abroad. In result, you get the best healthcare option of the top quality for an affordable price.

Basically, the process is simple:
After registration, you browse for a clinic depending on the country and procedure. Then you connect directly with your potential healthcare provider. A clinic usually requests your medical records and offers you an estimated price. After you have chosen a clinic, you can get support with flight and accommodation, translation, and other services.

We cooperate with leading and certified healthcare providers.

If you can send a message or an email, you can use our platform.
Starting using AMG Medical LTD is really that simple.

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  • • Otorhinolaryngology
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  • • Stomatology
  • • Dermatology
  • • Ophthalmology
  • • Cardiology
  • • Pediatrics
  • • Neurology
  • • Urology
  • • Oncology
  • • Endocrinology
  • • Orthopedics
  • • Obstetrics
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